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Researching a Conversion

So once we decided that tents and caravans were not for us but a campervan could be, what next.

We had ruled out the older VW vans for practical reliability reasons and unfortunately the current VW California was too pricey for us.  So it appeared that a campervan conversion based on a current VW Transporter T5 was the way forward.

First, onto the internet.  There are so many sites out there, so many conversion companies, accessories vendors, ebay auctions – it’s incredible.  Also, it turns out there are a bunch of magazines (like … paper things) too.

A whole other world that we’d been blissfully unaware of.

VW T4 Forum Homepage

Looking around the web one of the first and most useful sites I found was the VW T4/T5 forum – www.vwt4forum.co.uk  This is a treasure trove of information .  Think you’ve got a new idea about what your campervan could be or have or what you could do in it?  You’ll find someone on the forum that’s either done it themselves or can point you in the right direction.  It’s a well managed forum too – there’s a little light hearted banter but only a miniscule number of negative threads unlike some other forums I’ve come across in the past. Continue reading Researching a Conversion

Why a Campervan?

So why a Campervan?  As with a lot of owners I guess it was a gradual process of compromise.  Our son Owain is 7 and at the point where we cant take him out of school so – deep sigh – we are finally, despite our best efforts,  at the point in our lives when we are limited as to when we can take holidays.

Couple this with the fact that we found ourselves getting in a bit of a rut and wanting to make more use of our weekends and free time.  Additionally we are both self employed so have quite a lot of freedom about when we take time off.  The UK has so much to offer and France, Ireland, Spain etc. isn’t that far so we started looking at how we could explore more and give Owain some great experiences.


My wife Heather’s family had a caravan when she was growing up and used it extensively.   They, like us lived in South Wales UK and  were therefore close to an abundance of fantastic beaches and countryside for weekend jaunts.  They mainly used it in the UK, I think the Loire was the furthest they got in France, but they used it a lot, most weekends from Easter until the end of summer and at least 3 weeks away as well. Continue reading Why a Campervan?